MLAA – Open Show 2022

Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland

Club & General Championship Show Results


Dr Kimberley Logan (Spyanki)

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Kutani Hamilton (Clutterbuck & Cain)

2nd Jahneemahs Sunstone at Gallerio (Blake)

3rd Domensa Positively Perfect at Marbledale (Roberts)

4th Petwalk In Your Dreams (Walker)

5th Dardanelles Jon Bon Jovi (Taylor & Johnson)

Puppy Dog

1st Gallerio I’ll Take You Dancin for Denzka (Hall- Yates & Considine) BPIS

2nd Corrolls Easy Rider (Hazlehurst)

3rd Corrolls Pimp My Ride Among Alamiks (Barnett & Carter)

4th Phareal Heartbreaker into Burnsett (Chesterfield)

5th Aintshe Permission To Fly from Myteline (Gillman)

Junior Dog

1st Petwalk He’s A Cracker (Walker) BD & BOS

2nd Zentarr Renegade (Anderson)

3rd Sinyul Imagined (Torrance)

4th Kentwone Derek Jewel by Skylax (Adam-Slomkowski)

5th Raushanara Blue Sky over Saksfifth (Hayes)

Yearling Dog

1st Absosengkye Re Light My Fire (Ogden)

2nd Kentwone Derek Jewel by Skylax

3rd  Montrabella Prince (Downes)

Maiden Dog

1st Petwalk In Your Dreams

2nd Domensa Positively Perfect at Marbledale

Novice Dog

1st Sinyul Imagined

2nd Jahneemahs Sunstone at Gallerio 

3rd Domensa Positively Perfect at Marbledale

4th Aintshe Permission To Fly from Mytilene

Post Graduate Dog

1st Kutani Daredevil (Connett)

2nd Shenedene World Trader (Hall)

3rd Dardanelles Prime Suspect for Telshotbriar (Lightfoot)

4th Nadarley Quartz Hugo (Forsyth)

Limit Dog

1st Taemarus Neverending Story (Hemsley)

2nd Taemarus Digby at Jalus (Luscott)

3rd Archirondel NASA at Saksfifth (Hayes)

Open Dog

1st Ch Bellellen Double Ducie (Saunders) RBD

2nd Ch Shenedene Secret Agent (Hall)

3rd Ch Zanamop Hot Gossip (Baker)

4th Belazieth Sundance Kid with Alamiks (Barnett & Carter)

5th Khinjan Valentino with Orcavoe (Connett)

Veteran Dog

1st Ch Littondale Replay Kutani (Lock & Cain)

2nd Deelayne El Conquistador (Holland & Lewis)

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Domensa Perfect Timing (Poole)

2nd Lhotse One in The Force (O’Doherty)

3rd  Kutani Black Opal at Frenchlands (Schuckardt)

4th Domensa Perfect Beginning (Ferguson)

5th Ithera Chiloe Sky for Petwalk (Walker)

Puppy Bitch

1st Jalus Alaysha at Taemarus (Hemsley)

2nd Alamiks Perfect Illusion (Barnett & Carter)

3rd Gallerio Shake It Off (Blake)

4th Khinjan Copacabana to Toynbee (Thompson)

5th Denzka Angel Of The Morning (Hall-Yates & Considine)

Junior Bitch

1st Wrenwrox Loretta Renascent (Huntly)

2nd Corrolls Too Hot To Handle (Hazlehurst)

3rd Cococabana Lhamco-Laco at Skylax (imp Pol) (Adam-Slomkowski)

Yearling Bitch

1st Taemarus Joycelyn to Jalus (Luscott)

Maiden Bitch


Novice Bitch

1st Cococabana lhamco-Laco at Skylax

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Kutani Maleficent (Gregson)

2nd Burnsett Lunata (Chesterfield)

3rd Elmichapel Walk In My Shoes at Frenchlands (Schuckardt)

4th Toynbee’s Clicquot (Thompson)

5th Nadarley Starlight Ella (Forsyth)

Limit Bitch

1st Bobellam’s Bubbling Over (White & Carter)

2nd Montrabella Limit Addition for Bellellen (Saunders)

3rd Domensa Glint Of Glory at Marbledale (Roberts)

4th Kutani Enigma (Chambers)

Open Bitch

1st Ch Kutani Showoff (Clutterbuck & Cain) RBB

2nd Longsdales Baby Your Crazy (Pearce & Francis)

3rd Ch Culverapso Queen Of Hearts Jw (Culverhouse)

4th Kutani Material Girl for Myakara (Honey)

5th Timazinti’s Millie Mae at Narmoak (Davis)

Veteran Bitch

1st Ch Shenedene Miss World (Hall) BB, BIS, BVIS