Saturday 23rd August 2008 – Championship Show

Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland

LACOS Show Results


Mrs Janet Holloway (Mashika)

Class 1 Veteran Dog

1st Ch & Am Ch Chtaura Dream Machine (Waterhouse)

2nd Hazgayes The Clansman with Jondot (Jones)

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Chtaura Rebel Rock (Waterhouse)

2nd Chethang Nikodemus (Chalmers)

3rd Aarhus The Bombadier (Dewar-Throlby)

4th Dimara Walter Wall (Phillips)

5th Clanhallies Solar Saturn (Lauder)

Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Timazinti Motelo with Mitchella (Hughes)

2nd Kenworth Ready Teddy (Kemp)


Class 4 Junior Dog

1st Lynruce MacKenzie (Watson)

2nd Terendak Record Signing (Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura)

3rd Angadema Are You Ready (McNally)

4th Owenavera Saint He Aint at Fabiana (Toton)

5th Mitsui Special Delivery with Lasya (Finnie & McLellan)

Class 5 Maiden Dog


Class 6 Novice Dog

1st Mitsui Special Delivery with Lasya

Class 7 Graduate Dog

1st Lynruce MacKenzie 

2nd Sunaami Indiana (MacFarlane)

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog

1st Deelayne Zaar To Busy (Lewis)

2nd Shenedene Dick Dasterdly (Hall)

3rd Chethang Lucien (Chalmers)

4th Kenworth Ultra Vov at Gallerio (Blake)

5th Belazieth Party Piece for Linconor (Offen & Collins)

Class 9 Limit Dog

1st Vaderlands Feel The Force (Holland)

2nd Cossy’s Chip’n’Pin (Jennings)

3rd Lisimo I’m Here (Reynolds)

4th Shardlow Pilot Of The Future Jw SHcm (Paradise)

5th Zanamop Rags To Ritches at Zaylon SHcm (Kemp)

Class 10 Open Dog

1st Ch Timazinti Motoro Jw (Scarll)

2nd Lynruce Prime Suspect (Watson)

3rd Ch Sealaw Follow Your Dream (Coad)

4th Dimara Gorgeous George (Phillips)

5th Am Ch Hylan Shotru Brandy Alexander for Kenida (Watts)

Dog CC: Ch Timazinti Motoro Jw

Res Dog CC: Lynruce Prime Suspect

Best Puppy Dog: Chtaura Rebel Rock

Class 11 Veteran Bitch

1st Ch Jardene Dazzle Me Do (Bromley)

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Dimara Agony Aunt (Phillips)

2nd Chethang Nadia (Chalmers)

3rd Vaderlands Star Force (Holland)

4th Vaderlands From The Force to Hayana (McCarthy)

5th Vaderlands Magical Glory (Holland)

Class 13 Puppy Bitch

1st Exephials Smoken Mirrors (Cassidy)

2nd Ballito I’m No Angel at Gallerio Raf/Taf (Blake)

3rd Shardlow Party Panda (Paradise)

4th Chtaura The Girl Is Mine (Waterhouse)

5th Showa Silhouette with Kaytay (Surtees)

Class 14 Junior Bitch

1st Zanamop Theme For A Dream del Deelayne (Lewis)

2nd Shardlow Party Panda

3rd Kutani Tru Colours (Howell)

4th Shenedene Dora The Explorer (Hall)

5th  Shardlow Parti Gi Gi (Paradise)

Class 15 Maiden Bitch

1st Exephials Smoken Mirrors 

2nd Shenedene Dora The Explorer

3rd Zaylon Eye Candy (Purdie)

4th Sunaami Missouri (MacFarlane)

Class 16 Novice Bitch

1st Shenedene Dora the Explorer

2nd Showa Silhouette with Kaytay

3rd Shardlow Party Gi Gi

4th Kenworth Eskimo Kiss for Spyanki (McCosh & Logan)

5th Sunaami Missouri

Class 17 Graduate Bitch

1st Shardlow Party Panda 

2nd Kaytay Miss Dior (Surtees)

3rd Giogan Miss Molly for Rangimaria (Ferrier)

4th Mitchella Elova Entrance (Hughes)

5th Kenworth Eskimo Kiss for Spyanki

Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Lynruce The Black Pearl (Watson)

2nd Gilderdale Miss Waggit (Hamilton)

3rd Sangchenla Pandora (Bedford)

4th Hayana Miss Georgia (McCarthy)

5th Hazgaye La Costadais (Gay)

Class 19 Limit Bitch

1st Shardlow Ragtaggle Gypsy Jw SHcm (Paradise)

2nd Angadema Ask For Me (McNally)

3rd Dimara Miss Izzabella of Shenedene Jw (Hall)

4th Chtaura Sealed With A Kiss (Waterhouse)

5th Timazinti Molly (Scarll)

Class 20 Open Bitch

1st Deelayne Madness Divine at Nickanda (Crummey)

2nd Ch Chtaura Kiss Me Honey Jw (Waterhouse)

3rd Vaderlands Electra-Fy (Holland)

4th Rossgilde Silvergilt at Chethang (Chalmers)

5th Ir & Int Ch Owenavera Eye Candy (Lloyd)

Bitch CC: Deelayne Madness Divine at Nickanda Jw

Res Bitch CC: Ch Chtaura Kiss Me Honey Jw 

Best Puppy Bitch: Dimara Agony Aunt

Best in Show: Ch Timazinti Motoro Jw

Res Best in Show: Deelayne Madness Divine at Nickanda Jw

Best Opposite Sex: Deelayne Madness Divine at Nickanda Jw

Best in Puppy Show: Chtaura Rebel Rock