Saturday 26th August 2000 – Championship Show

Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland

LACOS Show Results


Mrs J Frankl (Nichann)

Class 1 Veteran Dog

1st Ch Mashika Khyam (Holloway)

2nd Kandykone Konundrum (Reece)

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Zentarr Paddington (Llewellyn)

2nd Jayridge Preparation (Kemp)

3rd Sweet Imagination at Fairlou (Jones)

4th Magrethea Nellsbin Naughty (Elliott)

5th Cheolview Burning Ambition (Blake)

Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Chtaura Dream Machine (Waterhouse)

2nd Simuje My Kazziranga (Rout)

3rd Saxonsprings Twist of Fate (Armstrong)

4th Hazgaye’s The Clansman (Jones)

5th Ballito’s Ormanov (Shand – Robinson)

Class 4 Junior Dog

1st Kenworth  Sybastion (Marsh)

2nd Simba’s Pride of Arthur (Stevenson)

3rd Truern Pole Position (Sumner)

4th Rishlyn Entrapment (Lawson)

5th Setrof’s Blowin In The Wind at Lhabox

Class 5 Maiden Dog

No Entries

Class 6 Novice Dog

1st Simuje My Kazziranga

2nd Truern Pole Position

3rd Setrof’s Blowin In The Wind at Lhabox

Class 7 Graduate Dog

1st Lynruce Masterclass (Holland)

2nd Chethang Joachim in Aibrean (Moran)

3rd Simuje My Kazziranga

4th Rishlyn Entrapment

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog

1st Forochel Van Dieren (Dungate & Minton)

2nd Lynruce Special Release (Watson)

3rd Lynruce Masterclass

4th Cossy’s Ultravox via Rochaway (Rogan-Baxter)

5th Vaderlands Vitality (Reece)

Class 9 Limit Dog

1st Saxonsprings Aquavitae at Corellia (Armstrong)

2nd Kenworth Sam-Sung at Kenida (Watts)

3rd  Vallena Osric (King)

4th Sealaw Dreaming Again (Pointon & Corish)

5th Zentarr Special Edition (Anderson)

Class 10 Open Dog

1st Ch Hashanah Picture This at Selaw (Coad)

2nd Lynruce Command Performance at Kerlin (Anderson)

3rd Ch Kutani Solider Soldier (Cain)

4th Ragoosa Simply Outrageous for Zentarr (Anderson)

5th Serpico’s San Carlos (Jones)

Dog CC: Ch Hashanah Picture This at Sealaw

Res Dog CC: Forochel Van Dieren

Best Puppy Dog: Chtaura Dream Machine

Class 11 Veteran Bitch

1st Ch Mashika Ka-Trin (Holloway)

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Corrolls Remember Me (Hazelhurst)

2nd Lynruce Fascination (Watson)

3rd Vallena Viola (King)

4th Deelayne Ever Decent (Holland)

5th Chtaura Rhythm Is A Dancer (Waterhouse)

Class 13 Puppy Bitch

1st Ballito’s Butyrskaya (Pointon)

2nd Corrolls Remember Me

3rd Sumuje Sweet Talia (Rout)

Class 14 Junior Bitch

1st Showa Saffron (Surtees)

2nd Zentarr Sunflower among Degarbo (Llewellyn)

3rd Kenworth Angel Delight at Kilnhaven (Webster)

Class 15 Maiden Bitch

1st Corrolls Remember Me

2nd Zentarr Sunflower among Degarbo 

3rd Sumuje Sweet Talia

Class 16 Novice Bitch

1st Showa Saffron

2nd Sumuje Sweet Talia

Class 17 Graduate Bitch

1st Kelbonny Tantaliza at Kilbrogan (Allan)


Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Kiss Kiss Kutani (Cain)

2nd Angadema Abracadabra (McNally)

3rd Chtaura A Perfect Ten (Waterhouse)

4th Chethang Jacinta (Waghorn)

5th Sibirskie Chussekuan (MacLaughlan)

Class 19 Limit Bitch

1st Vallena An-chusha (King)

2nd Ain’t Misbehavin at Lynruce (Watson)

3rd Shamshere Chantilly Lace (Morris)

4th Zentarr Piccadilly at Khalila (Sutherland-Bolton)

5th Pengara Cinzano (Coad)

Class 20 Open Bitch

1st Truern Serenissima (Sumner)

2nd Chtaura Dancing Queen (Waaterhouse)

3rd Ch Forochel Ipecacuanha (Dungate & Minton)

4th Rochaway’s Simply Sassy (Rogan-Baxter)

5th Chethang Georgette (Reynolds)

Bitch CC: Vallena An-Chusha

Res Bitch CC: Truern Serenissima

Best Puppy Bitch: Ballito’s Butyrskaya

Best in Show: Ch Hashanah Picture This at Sealaw

Res Best in Show: Vallena An-Chusha

Best Opposite Sex: Vallena An-Chusha

Best in Puppy Show: Chtaura Dream Machine