Saturday 2nd October 2021 – Championship Show

Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland

LACOS Show Results


Miss Sue Roberts (Marbledale)

Class 1 Veteran Dog

1st Spyanki Oh Happy Day Jw shCM sCEx (Logan)

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Lhasenna Og-Nang-Nam at Cheolview (Ritchie)

2nd Sinyul Imagined (Torrance)

3rd Burnsett Silver Image (Chesterfield)

Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Shenedene World Trader (Hall)

Class 4 Junior Dog

1st Chanceinn’s Psychotic (Horne)
2nd Bentarsna Mr. Bennet (Fahey & Shire)

Class 5 Yearling Dog

1st Kutani Daredevil (Connett & Clutterbuck)

Class 6 Novice Dog

1st Chanceinn’s Psychotic 

2nd Domensa Game Changer for Muirfauld (Hinshelwood)

Class 7 Graduate Dog

1st Spyanki The Riddler (Logan)

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog

1st Spyanki Heaven Knows Jw (Logan)

Class 9 Limit Dog

1st Kalizmar Karismatik at Phareal (Falcus & Studholme)

2nd Taemarus Neverending Story (Hemsley)

3rd Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe (Maxwell & Chalmers)

4th Autumnspell’s Trademark (O’doherty)

5th Zanamop Hot Gossip (Baker)

Class 10 Open Dog

1st Deelayne Jaywalker (Lewis)

2nd Bellellen Double Ducie Jw (Saunders)

3rd Dimara Cool Runnings (Devereux & Phillips)

4th Khinjan Valentino (Connett)

5th Ch Timazinti Britskii at Kenida (Watts)

Dog CC: Deelayne Jaywalker

Res Dog CC: Spyanki Oh Happy Day Jw shCM SCEx

Best Puppy Dog: Lhasenna Og-Nang-Nam at Cheolview

Class 11 Veteran Bitch

1st Taemarus Moet (Hemsley)

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Muirfauld Photo Finish (Hinshelwood)

2nd Kelankin Pearls a Singer by Glenbranter (Carmichael)

3rd Lhasenna Og-Nang Mani (Seal)

4th Burnsett Silver Whisper for Toynbee (Thomson)

Class 13 Puppy Bitch

1st Muirfauld Photo Finish

2nd Jadeish Unique (Baker)

3rd Chanceinn’s Miss D’amena (Horne)

4th Cheolview Bella Bella (Ritchie)

5th Donloemar’s Bossy Boots (Hastings)

Class 14 Junior Bitch

No Entries

Class 15 Yearling Bitch

1st Toynbee Clicquot (Thomson)

2nd Kutani Maleficent (Gregson)

3rd Burnsett Lunata (Chesterfield)

Class 16 Novice Bitch

1st Spyanki Exclusive Kisses (Logan)

2nd Chanceinn’s Miss D’amena

3rd Cheolview Bella Bella

4th Donloemar’s Bossy Boots

Class 17 Graduate Bitch

1st Muirfauld Amazing Lace Jw (Hinshelwood)

2nd Mitchella Saphire Spice (Hughes)

Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Bentarsna Lucrezia (Phillips)

2nd Spyanki Enigmatic Kisses Jw ShCM (Logan)

Class 19 Limit Bitch

1st Autumnspell’s Time To Shine (O’Doherty)

2nd Elleonia Meant To Be with Corroll (Hazlehurst)

Class 20 Open Bitch

1st Lippylou’s Doolally with Chanceinn Jw (Horne)

2nd Elleonia What About Me (Hazlehurst & Seward)

Bitch CC: Lippylou’s Doolally with Chanceinn Jw

Res Bitch CC: Muirfauld Amazing Lace Jw

Best Puppy Bitch: Muirfauld Photo Finish 

Best in Show: Lippylou’s Doolally with Chanceinn Jw

Res Best in Show: Deelayne Jaywalker

Best Opposite Sex: Deelayne Jaywalker

Best Puppy in Show: Muirfauld Photo Finish 

Best Veteran: Spyanki Oh Happy Day Jw shCM sCEx