Sunday 21st May 2000

Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland

LACOS Show Results


Mrs S Wilkes (Monkspath)

Class 1 Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st No Entries

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Chtaura Dream Machine (Waterhouse)

2nd Hazgaye’s The Clan’s Man (Jones)

3rd Saxonsprings Maximillian at Correllia (Armstrong)

4th Setrof’s Blowin in the Wind (Whyte)

Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Truern Marc of Esteem for Zaylon (Kemp)

Class 4 Junior Dog

1st Larool Lexican (Wright)

2nd Simbas Pride of Arthur (Stevenson)

3rd Truern Mane Attraction at Cheolview (Blake)

4th Jayridge Specification of Zaylon (Kemp)

Class 5 Special Yearling Dog

1st Larool Lexican

2nd Lynruce Special Release (Watson)

3rd Truern Mane Attaction at Cheolview

4th Saxonsprings Limited Edition with Michaedo (McFarlane)

Class 6 Novice Dog

1st Setrof’s Blowin In The Wind

2nd Truern Marc of Esteem for Zaylon

3rd Jayridge Specification of Zaylon

4th Saxonsprings Golden Whispa at Michaedo (McFarlane)

Class 7 Post Graduate Dog

1st Askja Kiss and Run at Highavens (Lidgley)

2nd Larool Lexican

3rd Kandykone Konquistador (Cross)

4th Saxonsprings Aquavitae at Corella (Armstrong)

Class 8 Limit Dog

1st Hazgaye Red Alert Jw (Gay)

2nd Belazeith’s Travelling Man (Jones)

Class 9 Open Dog

1st Lynruce Command Performance at Kerlin (Anderson)

2nd Angadema Applause (McNally)

3rd Ragoosa Chances Are for Gilderdale (Hamilton)

4th Serpico’s San Carlos (Jones)

Best Dog: Lynruce Command Performance at Kerlin

Res Best Dog: Hazgaye Red Alert Jw

Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Jayridge Temptation for Zaylon (Kemp)

Class 11 Puppy Bitch

No Entries

Class 12 Junior Bitch

1st Showa Saffron (Surttes)

2nd Timazinti Takanne (Scarll)

3rd Angadema Abracadabra (McNally)

4th Michaedo Holly’s April Love (McFarlane)

Class 13 Special Yearling Bitch

1st Angadema Abracadabra 

2nd Lhabox Lady Athena (Wright)

Class 14 Novice Bitch

1st Showa Saffron

2nd Michaedo Holly’s April Love

3rd Yakee Golden Moonchild (Stevenson)

Class 15 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Wyndpoint Krystyna at Wyndcatch (Morris)

2nd Saxonsprings Gailin at Corellia (Armstrong)

3rd Little Holly with Michaedo (McFarlane)

4th Chtaura A Perfect Ten Jw (Waterhouse)

Class 16 Limit Bitch

1st Ain’t misbehavin at Lynruce (Watson)

2nd Forochel Kirinki (Dungate & Minton)

3rd Hazgaye Shades of Saffron Jw (Gay)

4th Shamshere Chantilly Lace (Norris)

Class 17 Open Bitch

1st Ch Forochel Ipecacuanha (Dungate & Minton)

2nd Ch Timazinti Abramites (Scarll)

3rd Chtaura Sweet Surrender (Waterhouse)

Best Bitch: Ch Forochel Ipecacuanha

Res. Best Bitch: Ain’t Misbehavin at Lynruce

Best in Show: Lynruce Command Performance at Kerlin 

Best Opposite Sex: Ch Forochel Ipecacuanha

Res Best in Show: Ch Forochel Ipecacuanha

Best in Puppy Show: Chtaura Dream Machine

Best in Veteran in Show: Ch Timazinti Melanotaenia

Class 18 Duncan MacLaughlan Memorial Open Stakes


Class 19 Best Dog or Bitch in Pet Trim

1st No Entries