Sunday 22nd May 2022 – Championship Show

Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland

LACOS Show Results


Mr Tony Moran (Avigdor / Castafiore)

Firstly, I would like to thank the Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland for this lovely invitation, my hard working and efficient stewards and of course the exhibitors who brought a lovely quality entry.

I was conscious that for many exhibits, this was their second show of the day and I tried to make allowances for this with some.

I was very happy with the overall quality of the entry and special mention must go to the Open bitch class, which was truly a wonderful class and the depth of quality outstanding. I think this was probably the best class I have ever judged and it was unfortunate that some had to go without a placing.

I was very pleased with the overall size & balance and I could find typical outlines in almost every class. I was also happy not to have any extremely over angulated dogs and in general heads were good, with correct dark oval eyes and correctly shaped skulls , only finding a few with heavy or boxy shaped skulls. Coat condition & preparation was excellent but some exhibits would have benefited from some muscle development. Temperaments were excellent and it was nice to find some true Tibetan temperament in this group.

Some attention should be paid to fronts as there were several that were over bowed and heavy and I also found that there were a number who were too long in loin. Mouths were generally very good, but I did find a couple of scissor bites and dental irregularities.

Overall the depth of quality extended from minor puppy to Veteran and this has to be a good situation for any breed.

Class 1 Veteran Dog

1st Timazinti’s Peppermint at Frenchlands Jw ShCm, ShCEx (Schuckardt) RCC & BVIS

White & gold of super type and balance. Excellent head, well-shaped skull. Lovely dark eye, excellent pigmentation. Excellent bone, firm top-line and excellent muscle-tone. Excellent tail-set and carriage. Moves well, balanced and clean. Excellent coat texture & condition. Res DCC & Best Veteran in Show

2nd: IR & INT.CH. Timazinti Khyi of Dreams at Ponpori An CH 16,17,18, CJW15, CW16, 17, 19 Jun CH (Walker)

Typical outline with a good neck, excellent top-line and tail-set. Good bone, up-to-size but balanced throughout. In super coat of correct texture. Excellent temperament.

3rd: Spyanki Oh Happy Day JW SHCM SHCEX VW OSW (Logan)

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Shenedene Gossip Agent (Hall) BPIS

Solid gold, just 6 months old, loved his excellent out-line and super balance. Lovely size, excellent head with correct shaped skull. Super dark, well-shaped eye. Excellent pigmentation. Good mouth. Excellent straight front and well-shaped feet. Moves well with good reach and drive. Full of confidence with an outgoing temperament. Best Puppy Dog and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

2nd Chanceinns Bad Habits (Horne)

Black & white with a good, well-proportioned head, excellent pigmentation and good mouth. Good length of rib and excellent tail set. Needs to tighten in front but excellent bone. Lovely temperament.

3rd Domensa Positively Perfect at Marbledale (Roberts)

4th Lhotse Unbreakable Force (McCracken)

Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Kutani Hamilton (Clutterbuck & Cain)

Black with a lovely head, correct skull, excellent eye and super pigmentation. Loved his balance and size and holds a very typical outline on the move. Would prefer more front reach but good rear drive. Positive mover. Excellent coat condition. Good length of rib but needs to fill out. Excellent temperament.

2nd Jahmeenahs Sunstone at Gallerio (Blake)

Gold with a very nice head, well-shaped eye, excellent pigmentation. Lovely balanced outline standing. Took time to settle on the move. Excellent temperament.

3rd Phareal Heartbreaker in Burnsett (Chesterfield)

4th Autumnspell’s Now You See Me (O’Doherty)

5th Insanity Rules (Hastings)

Class 4 Junior Dog

1st Sinyul Imagined (Torrance)

Black & white with a well-shaped skull, excellent pigmentation. Lovely outline, good bone for size. Good length of rib and excellent top-line and tail set. Very nicely constructed but could do with a little more oomph on the move but once got going, is a very steady and even mover. Excellent coat of correct texture. Typical temperament.

2nd Corrolls Easy Rider (Hazlehurst)

Gold of lovely size and balance, excellent pigmentation, good eye. Correct shaped skull. Excellent tail-set and carriage. Moves well but would prefer a little more forward reach. Excellent coat of correct texture.

3rd Insanity Rules

4th Kentwone Derek Jewel by Skylax (Adam-Slomkowski)

5th Lhasenna Og-Nang–Nam at Cheolview (Ritchie)

Class 5 Yearling Dog

1st Kentwone Derek Jewel by Skylax

Very nice size and typical shape. Well-shaped skull with good dark eye but a little round. Excellent pigmentation. Good top-line and tail-set. Would prefer stronger neck. Short of coat but of good texture. Moves well, with a balanced and easy action. Good temperament.

Class 6 Novice Dog

1st Domensa positively Perfect at Marbledale

Pale gold with excellent pigmentation, well-shaped skull, well balanced outline of size but would prefer shorter loin. Good width of chest but would prefer slightly longer ribcage. Balanced angulation front and rear. Excellent coat of correct texture.

2nd Lhasenna Og-Nang-Nam at Cheolview

Black & white, excellent skull, good pigmentation & excellent eye. Well-proportioned for size. A little over developed in fore-chest and strong bone. Took time to get going and was a little unsettled on the move. Excellent temperament. Good coat texture.

Class 7 Graduate Dog

1st Lhasenna Og-Nang-Nam at Cheolview

2nd in Novice -Won this class because of his lovely eye and overall shape and size. Moved better in this class.

2nd Kelankin by Design at Billkenstar (Taylor)

Gold, up-to-size, good skull shape and excellent pigmentation. Good bone and substances with excellent tail set. Good coat texture.

3rd Absosengkye Re Light My Fire (Ogden)

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog

1st Timazinti Mishka at Frenchlands (Schuckardt)

Gold & white with a lovely outline, good top-line and tail-set. Good head but a little heavy in skull, well-shaped eye, excellent pigmentation. Would prefer straighter front but good bone. Moves well when settles, excellent coat.

2nd Shenedene World Trader (Hall)

Gold & white of a very good size, excellent head and pigmentation. Well-balanced outline for size. Would prefer a slightly longer profile and longer rib-cage. Front could be straighter but excellent bone. Excellent coat, moved well with good attitude.

3rd Spyanki Heaven Knows Jw (Logan)

Class 9 Limit Dog

1st Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe (Maxwell & Chalmers)

Shaded gold, well-proportioned head, well-shaped dark eye, excellent pigmentation, good mouth. Lovely typical outline with correct proportions for size. Excellent straight front, with good rear angulation. Good length of rib. Moves well when settles. Excellent coat and typical temperament.

2nd Taemarus Neverending Story (Hemsley)

Taemarus Never-Ending Story; Gold sable & white, attractive head with a good eye, excellent expression and excellent pigmentation. Well balanced for size and excellent condition. Excellent top-line and tail-set. A bit restricted on the move and would prefer move reach and drive. Excellent coat texture.

3rd Newcliffe Kia-Ora (Sutcliffe)

Class 10 Open Dog

1st Vallena Viktor (Bell & Ellis) DCC & BIS

Gold & white with a “text-book” head, lovely dark, well-shaped eye, excellent pigmentation, well-shaped skull. Excellent outline with correct proportions, excellent bone and substance. Straight front, well angulated front and rear. Moves well, holding a typical outline at all times. In excellent coat. Excellent temperament. DCC & BOB

2nd Ch Dimara Cool Runnings (Devereux & Phillips)

Shaded gold of excellent type, good head and expression, excellent pigmentation. Lovely outline. Would prefer a little more substance but good bone. Moves well. Excellent temperament. Excellent coat.

3rd CH Timazintis Briskii at Kenida (Watts)

4th Kalizmar Karismatik at Phareal (Falcus)

5th Remrah High Flyer at Culverapso Jw (Culverhouse & Roberts)

Dog CC: Vallena Viktor

Res Dog CC: Timazinti’s Peppermint  at Frenchlands Jw shCM SCEx

Best Puppy Dog: Shenedene Gossip Agent

Best Veteran Dog: Timazinti’s Peppermint  at Frenchlands Jw shCM SCEx

Class 11 Veteran Bitch

1st CH Shenedene Miss World JW (Hall)

Gold, lovely typical bitch of very nice breed type. Well-proportioned head, excellent eye & good mouth. Good bone and substance for size. Excellent spring and length of rib. Excellent tail set and carriage. Good front. Moves well and excellent coat texture & condition.

2nd Taemarus Moet (Hemsley)

Black & white with a lovely eye, excellent pigmentation and excellent skull shape. A little light boned & would prefer a little more length in body. Excellent tail set and carriage. A little shallow angulated but positive mover but excellent temperament and lovely attitude. Excellent coat condition and texture.

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Lhoste One in the Force for Autumnspell (O’Doherty)

Black with a lovely head and eye, good pigmentation and good mouth. Lovely typical outline. Excellent bone and substance for age. Good rear angulation. Excellent tail set and carriage. Super temperament and moves well. In good coat for age.

2nd Culversapso Bewitched (Culverhouse)

Gold with a very attractive head, good outline and good length of rib-cage. Excellent bone. Moves well & lovely temperament.

3rd Heidiflic’s Simply The Best (Devereaux)

4th Shenedene Gossip If You Dare (Falcus)

5th Chanceinn Miz Boo (Edmiston)

Class 13 Puppy Bitch

1st Kutani Black Opal Astarte Gold at Frenchlands (Schuckardt) BPB

Black with a lovely head, excellent eye, excellent pigmentation, well-shaped skull. Lovely balance for size. Excellent front, good feet, excellent top-line and tail-set. In super coat for age, well-constructed and moves accordingly. Excellent temperament. Best Puppy Bitch.

2nd Spyanki European Kisses (Logan)

Gold with a well-shaped skull, good eye and good pigmentation. Good honest bitch who is balanced in construction and moves well. Excellent temperament. Good bone and coming in to good coat.

3rd Kutani Kuriosity (Clutterbuck & Jackson)

Class 14 Junior Bitch

1st Muirfauld Photo Finish (Hinshelwood)

Black & white with a lovely outline and well-proportioned head, excellent skull, good eye and excellent pigmentation. Balanced angulation front & rear. Excellent bone and substance. Moves well, even and true. Very good temperament and excellent coat.

2nd Lhasenna Og-Nang Mani (Seal)

Gold, very well balanced outline, excellent skull and good eye and strong pigmentation. Would prefer a stronger neck. Excellent top-line and tail-set. Moves well, but a little close behind. In very nice coat.

3rd Jalus Alaysha At Taemarus (Hemsley)

4th Gallerio Shake It Off (Blake)

5th Khinjan Copacabana to Toynbee (Thompson)

Class 15 Yearling Bitch

1st Cheolview Bella Bella (Ritchie)

Gold and white with a well-shaped skull, excellent pigmentation, good mouth and dark, well-shaped eye. Very good size and good bone. Would prefer a little stronger neck but excellent top-line and tail-set. Excellent coat texture. Moves well, with a good attitude.

Class 16 Novice Bitch

1st Spyanki European Kisses

2nd Khinjan Copacabna to Toynbee

Gold & white with a very well-proportioned head, good dark pigmentation and very attractive outline and lovely size. A little heavy in-front. Good rear angulation. Took time to settle on the move. Good temperament.

Class 17 Graduate Bitch

1st Cheolview Bella Bella

2nd Spyanki European Kisses

Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Elmichapel Walk in My Shoes at Frenchlands Jw (Schuckardt)

Gold with a well-shaped skull, excellent pigmentation, lovely dark, well-shaped eye, excellent bone and substance. Would prefer a slightly more arched neck. Excellent front & good tail-set. Good coat texture. Moves well. Typical temperament.

2nd Spyanki Exclusive Kisses (Logan)

Gold of nice type, excellent skull shape, well-shaped eye and excellent pigmentation. Well balanced for size with a good front. Moves well with good reach but would prefer more rear drive. Typical temperament

3rd Chesterfield; Burnsett Lunata (Chesterfield)

4th Donloemar’s Bossy Boots (Hastings)

Class 19 Limit Bitch

1st Domensa Glint of Glory with Marbledale (Roberts)

White and gold with a lovely head, well-shaped skull, excellent pigmentation, good eye. Excellent outline with good bone. Good tail set and carriage. Excellent length of rib and in lovely coat of correct texture. Moved well, even and balanced.

2nd Bobellams Bubbling Over (White & Carter)

White and Black with a good head, well-shaped eye, excellent pigmentation. Lovely outline of correct proportions. Moved well when settled. Excellent coat & lovely temperament.

3rd Bentarsna Lucrezia (Phillips)

4th Lhasenna Marpo Gser (Seal)

5th Muirfauld Amazing Lace (Hinshelwood)

Class 20 Open Bitch

Best class of the day.

1st CH Kutani Showoff (Clutterbuck & Cain) BCC/BOS/RBIS

Black & white with a beautiful head and typical expression. Excellent eye, well-shaped skull & super pigmentation. Good mouth. Loved her size and outline, excellent neck, top-line and tail-set. Moves well with even front and rear action. In excellent coat and lovely temperament. CC, BOS & Res BIS

2nd CH Khinjan Bellisima Jw (Hattrell) RCC

Another top quality bitch, with an excellent head, lovely eye & excellent pigmentation. Lovely size, good bone and substance. Would prefer her a fraction longer in outline but well angulated front and rear. Moves well, with an effortless stride. In super coat of correct texture. Res CC.

3rd Vallen Jhoni (Bell & Ellis)

4th Kutani Material Girl for Myakara (Honey)

5th Elleonia What About Me (Hazlehurst & Seward)

Bitch CC: Ch Kutani Showoff 

Res Bitch CC: Ch Khinjan Bellisima Jw

Best Puppy Bitch: Kutani Black Opal Astarte Gold at Frenchlands

Best Veteran Bitch: Ch Shenedene Miss World Jw

Best in Show: Vallena Viktor

Res Best in Show: Ch Kutani Showoff

Best Opposite Sex: Ch Kutani Showoff

Best Puppy in Show: Shenedene Gossip Agent 

Best Veteran: Timazinti’s Peppermint to Frenchlands Jw shCM sCEx