Sunday 24th August 2003

Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland

LACOS Show Results


Vanessa Reece

Class 1 Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st Ch Aarhus The Edge (Dewar)

2nd Kelbonny Tantaliza at Kelbrogan (Allan)

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Vaderlands Sting in The Tail (Holland)

2nd Becsgame Fanfare (Watts)

3rd Cheolview Clan MacDougal with Jondot (Jones)

4th Sunaami Apache (MacFarlane)

Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya (Holland)

2nd Chethang Fernando (Chalmers)

3rd Chtaura New Dimension (Waterhouse)

4th Lynruce Virtuoso (Watson)

Class 4 Junior Dog

1st Fernagair Feel-Good-Factor (Armstrong)

Class 5 Special Yearling Dog

1st Becsgame Fanfare

2nd Kadaz My Lord Spencer at Zaylon (Kemp)

Class 6 Novice Dog

1st Chethang Fernando

2nd Chtaura New Dimension

Class 7  Post Graduate Dog

1st Chtaura Rock DJ (Waterhouse)

2nd Texas Jorj Uu (MacFarlane)

3rd Chethang Cory for Zanamop (Kemp)

Class 8 Limit Dog

1st Deelayne Ficky Stinger (Lewis)

2nd Hazgaye’s The Clansman with Jondot (Jones)

Class 9 Open Dog

1st Saxonsprings Aquavitae at Corellia (Armstrong)

Best Dog: Deelayne Ficky Stinger

Res Best Dog: Chtaura Rock Dj

Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Sunaami Shoshone (MacFarlane)

2nd Zaylon’s Savanna Dawn (Whyte)

Class 11 Puppy Bitch

1st Chethang Derrylyn (Chalmers)

2nd Chtaura Kiss Me Honey (Waterhouse)

3rd Truern Cuba Libre (Sumner)

4th Cheolview Moment In Time (MacFarlane)

Class 12 Junior Bitch

1st Becsgame Cover Girl (Grey)

2nd Vaderlands Fanning The Flame (Holland)

3rd Absosengkye Ghabbi (Ogden)

4th Fernagair Forever Amber (Armstrong)

Class 13 Special Yearling Bitch

No Entries

Class 14 Novice Bitch

1st Chethang Derrylyn

2nd Chtaura Kiss me Honey

3rd Absosengkye Ghabbi

4th Zaylon’s Savanna Dawn

Class 15 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Hazgaye Fascination at Ladakhpass Jw (Hayes)

2nd Rienach In Focus by Truern (Sumner)

Class 16 Limit Bitch

1st Angadema Abracadabra (McNally)

2nd Kaytay Treasured Possession (Surtees)

Class 17 Open Bitch

1st Ch Deelayne Ever Decent (Holland)

2nd Ch Showa Saffron Jw (Surtees)

3rd Hazgaye’s Shades of Saffron (Gaye)

4th Zentarr Mayfair (Dewar-Thorlby)

Best Bitch: Ch Deelayne Ever Decent

Res Best Bitch: Hazgaye Fascination at Ladakhpass Jw

Best in Show: Ch Deelayne Ever Decent

Res Best in Show: Hazgaye Fascination at Ladakhpass Jw

Best Opposite Sex: Deelayne Ficky Stinger

Best in Puppy Show: Chethang Derrylyn 

Class 18 Duncan MacLaughlan Memorial Stakes.

1st Zentarr Chelsea for Prajna (Anderson)

2nd Kelbonny Tantaliza at Kilbrogan (Allan)