Sunday 26th August 2018 – Championship Show

Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland

LACOS Show Results


Miss Anne Marie Cassidy (Exephials)

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Toynbee Hidden Star (Thomson)

2nd Archirondel’s Picasso (Wilkins)

3rd Toynbee Just In Time at Pawwarzstarz (McCoy)

4th Kelankins By Design (Taylor)

Class 2 Puppy Dog

1st Chtaura Sweet Talkin Guy (Waterhouse)

2nd Chanceinn Aza screw Loose at Farrenmills (Caswell)

3rd Toynbee Just In Time at Pawwarzstarz

4th Kelankins By Design

Class 3 Junior Dog

1st Dimara Cool Runnings (Phillips)

2nd Kutani Shockwave (Clutterbuck & Cain)

3rd Sifrason’s Military Hero (Taylor & Johnson)

4th Aus Ch Zaland In Rehab at Chanceinn (Horne)

5th Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe (Maxwell & Chalmers)

Class 4 Yearling Dog

1st Sifrasons Military Hero

2nd Gallerio Golden Boy (Gregson)

3rd Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe

4th Mitchella Midnight Mover (Hughes)

Class 5 Novice Dog

No Entries

Class 6 Graduate Dog

1st Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe

2nd Gallerio Golden Boy

3rd Magic Mike Astarte Gols with Muirfauld (Hinshelwood)

4th Zaylon Luke Skywalker (Kemp)

5th Mitchella Midnight Mover

Class 7 Post Graduate Dog

1st Marbledale Jenson Button (Haigh)

2nd Sifrason Octavious avec Zaylon (Kemp)

Class 8 Limit Dog

1st Deelayne El Conquistador (Holland & Lewis)

2nd Spyanki Oh Happy Day Jw shCM (Logan)

3rd Amesen Watch Me Fly to Ballito Jw (Pointon)

4th Shingsa Sultan Of Swing via Chtaura (Waterhouse)

5th Dimara To Be Shure of Aintshe (Maxwell & Chalmers)

Class 9 Open Dog

1st Ch Sandauri Showstopper for Kutani (Cain)

2nd Chanceinns Sir Gino avec Sifrason Jw shCM (Taylor & Johnston)

3rd Dimara Soulboy (Phillips)

4th Ch Timazinti Britskii at Kenida (Watts)

5th Ir Ch Chanceinn Has The Last Laugh Ir Jun Ch (McWilliams)

Class 10 Veteran Dog

1st Luekiki Diemos to Spayanki Jw shCM (Logan)

Dog CC: Dimara Cool Runnings

Res Dog CC: Deelayne El Conquistador 

Best Puppy Dog: Chtaura Sweet Talkin Guy

Class 11 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Belazieth Sunshine Girl (Lewis)

2nd Toynbee Hot Property (Thomson)

Class 12 Puppy Bitch

1st Chanceinns Crown N’ Glory (McWilliams)

2nd Chtaura Deadringer for Love (Waterhouse)

3rd Lippylou’s Doolally with Chanceinn (Horne)

4th Shardlow Rainbow’s End (Paradise)

Class 13 Junior Bitch

1st Kutani Material Girl for Myakara (Clutterbuck & Strachan)

2nd Cheolview Rosealea (Ritchie)

3rd Sifrason Angel Mayfly at Billkenstar (Taylor)

Class 14 Yearling Bitch

1st Wonder Woman Astarte Gold with Muirfauld (Hinshelwood)

2nd Sifrason Angel Mayfly at Billkenstar

Class 15 Novice Bitch

1st Lippylou’s Doolally with Chanceinn

2nd Americaz Bzanba Btansyg via Lhasenna (Seal)

3rd Shardlow Rainbow’s End

Class 16 Graduate Bitch

1st Amdo’s One And Only for Farrenmills (Caswell)

2nd Spyanki Enigmatic Kisses Jw shCM (Logan)

3rd Wonder Woman Astarte Gold with Muirfauld

Class 17 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Deelayne Vittoria (Holland)

2nd Taemarus Miss D’appointment with Chanceinn (Horne)

3rd Toynbee Gossip Girl at Burnsett (Chesterfield)

Class 18 Limit Bitch

1st Timazinti Kienke (Scarll & Sykes)

2nd Lhasenna Jomo (Seal)

3rd Toynbee Miss Clementine Jw shCM (Thomson)

4th Muirfauld Sunset On Silk (Hinshelwood)

Class 19 Open Bitch

1st Cossy’s Caffe Latte (Lewis & Norris)

2nd Jackantoes Joy (Abercrombie)

Class 20 Veteran Bitch

1st Ch Timazinti Liberty (Scarll & Sykes)

Bitch CC: Deelayne Vittoria

Res Bitch CC: Kutani Material Girl for Myakara 

Best Puppy Bitch: Belazieth Sunshine Girl

Best in Show: Deelayne Vittoria

Res Best in Show: Dimara Cool Runnings

Best Opposite Sex: Dimara Cool Runnings

Best Puppy in Show: Belazieth Sunshine Girl 

Best Veteran: Luekiki Diemos to Spyanki Jw shCM